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  • Is Your Hosting Company Killing Your Website?

    I had a client with a website that was taking 21 seconds for pages to appear. She contacted her hosting company and after making her spend an hour doing various tests, they said ‘something’ was wrong with her website. ‘It wasn’t anything on their end.’ She then went through a couple of web experts who […]

  • How To Select a Good Plugin

    Most of the over 56,000 plugins for WordPress are troublesome in one way or another. That still leaves thousands of great plugins. It is important to make sure any plugins you add to your website meet the following requirements. It is also important to limit the number of plugins you add to a site, in […]

  • Round Images

    Image blocks have an ability display round images. It’s a big, easily identified setting, but most people don’t use it most of the time. Of course overuse of round images would be too much of a good thing. Combining rounded images with ‘float’ also known as ‘align left’ or ‘align right’ can have a very […]

  • What’s Wrong With Most Themes?

    Of the more than 10,000 themes for WordPress, most are problematic. The most common problems are: The theme has bugs that are difficult or impossible to overcome. The theme requires an annual license payment to keep it up to date. That’s almost like holding your website ransom. If you don’t pay the fee, your theme […]

  • Understanding Colors

    Understanding Colors

    You have probably seen colors described like this: #042FA1. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could understand and edit that color? Colors have three or four parts. In the case of three parts, they are arranged by the amount of red, the amount of green, and the amount of blue that compose the color. Some […]