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  • PHP In Your Posts and Pages

    With the addition of the free “Insert PHP Code Snippet” plugin by, you can put this code in your functions.php file, then you can add php code directly into Text widgets. This will work with classic themes and block themes such as Twenty Twenty-Two. To insert PHP, select XYZ PHP Code (which is not […]

  • Round Images

    Image blocks have an ability display round images. It’s a big, easily identified setting, but most people don’t use it most of the time. Of course overuse of round images would be too much of a good thing. Combining rounded images with ‘float’ also known as ‘align left’ or ‘align right’ can have a very […]

  • How To Make a “Fancy Image”

    How To Make a “Fancy Image”

    Which do you like better? Or If you liked the first one, you’re all set. If you like the ‘snapshot’ style, then you’ll find it is very easy to implement in classic WordPress. You can add these lines to a CSS file: .fancyimg { border-radius:15px; box-shadow:8px 8px 8px silver; } Then you can add the […]

  • How To Edit CSS For Block Themes

    If you haven’t already, you’ll soon discover that block themes sometimes leave you needing to make CSS adjustments. A classic example is the title of this very website. You’ll see that the text is white, but it has a black shadow. How was that added? If you enter your domain name followed by /wp-admin/customize.php, in […]

  • How To Build a Converter

    Prerequisite: How to Embed Javascript In the following example, we’ll build a Fahrenheit – Celsius converter. This uses standard Gutenberg HTML blocks. If you prefer the classic editor, the coding is the same, and will work fine when built in the [Text] tab. Notice that the first two elements above are also HTML blocks which […]