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  • Why Making Plugins For Profit is a Bad Idea

    It seems like if you discover a need, then making a publicly available plugin to fill that need could be a good idea. Compared to other ways of generating a profit, such as building a membership website, or one supported by affiliate advertising, creating plugins for profit should probably be low on your list. The […]

  • Is Your Hosting Company Killing Your Website?

    I had a client with a website that was taking 21 seconds for pages to appear. She contacted her hosting company and after making her spend an hour doing various tests, they said ‘something’ was wrong with her website. ‘It wasn’t anything on their end.’ She then went through a couple of web experts who […]

  • How To Select a Good Plugin

    Most of the over 56,000 plugins for WordPress are troublesome in one way or another. That still leaves thousands of great plugins. It is important to make sure any plugins you add to your website meet the following requirements. It is also important to limit the number of plugins you add to a site, in […]

  • How To Build a Converter

    Prerequisite: How to Embed Javascript In the following example, we’ll build a Fahrenheit – Celsius converter. This uses standard Gutenberg HTML blocks. If you prefer the classic editor, the coding is the same, and will work fine when built in the [Text] tab. Notice that the first two elements above are also HTML blocks which […]

  • How To Embed Javascript

    Using a standard WordPress block, you may be surprised how easy it is to embed javascript. All you need to do is add an HTML block, add <script> and </script> tags, then put what you want between them. Any javascript between the tags will execute as soon as the block is parsed. For that reason, […]