Category: Gutenberg / Blocks

  • Round Images

    Image blocks have an ability display round images. It’s a big, easily identified setting, but most people don’t use it most of the time. Of course overuse of round images would be too much of a good thing. Combining rounded images with ‘float’ also known as ‘align left’ or ‘align right’ can have a very […]

  • How To Build a Converter

    Prerequisite: How to Embed Javascript In the following example, we’ll build a Fahrenheit – Celsius converter. This uses standard Gutenberg HTML blocks. If you prefer the classic editor, the coding is the same, and will work fine when built in the [Text] tab. Notice that the first two elements above are also HTML blocks which […]

  • How To Embed Javascript

    Using a standard WordPress block, you may be surprised how easy it is to embed javascript. All you need to do is add an HTML block, add <script> and </script> tags, then put what you want between them. Any javascript between the tags will execute as soon as the block is parsed. For that reason, […]