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  • Is Your Hosting Company Killing Your Website?

    I had a client with a website that was taking 21 seconds for pages to appear. She contacted her hosting company and after making her spend an hour doing various tests, they said ‘something’ was wrong with her website. ‘It wasn’t anything on their end.’ She then went through a couple of web experts who…

  • Storefront Theme, Nicer-Looking Navigation Menu

    To accomplish this look for your main navigation menu in the Storefront theme, you can go to Appearance | Customize | Additional CSS and add this code:

  • How to Get Rid of the Storefront Purple Box

    In the Storefront theme, you’ll see a purple box momentarily displayed when menu items and some other elements are selected. To remove the box, use this CSS code: a:focus, button:focus, .button.alt:focus, input:focus, textarea:focus, input[type=”button”]:focus, input[type=”reset”]:focus, input[type=”submit”]:focus, input[type=”email”]:focus, input[type=”tel”]:focus, input[type=”url”]:focus, input[type=”password”]:focus, input[type=”search”]:focus { outline-color: transparent;}

  • How To Make a “Fancy Image”

    How To Make a “Fancy Image”

    Which do you like better? Or If you liked the first one, you’re all set. If you like the ‘snapshot’ style, then you’ll find it is very easy to implement in classic WordPress. You can add these lines to a CSS file: .fancyimg { border-radius:15px; box-shadow:8px 8px 8px silver; } Then you can add the…

  • How To Edit CSS For Block Themes

    If you haven’t already, you’ll soon discover that block themes sometimes leave you needing to make CSS adjustments. A classic example is the title of this very website. You’ll see that the text is white, but it has a black shadow. How was that added? If you enter your domain name followed by /wp-admin/customize.php, in…