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  • How to Get Rid of the Storefront Purple Box

    In the Storefront theme, you’ll see a purple box momentarily displayed when menu items and some other elements are selected. To remove the box, use this CSS code: a:focus, button:focus, .button.alt:focus, input:focus, textarea:focus, input[type=”button”]:focus, input[type=”reset”]:focus, input[type=”submit”]:focus, input[type=”email”]:focus, input[type=”tel”]:focus, input[type=”url”]:focus, input[type=”password”]:focus, input[type=”search”]:focus { outline-color: transparent;}

  • What’s Wrong With Most Themes?

    Of the more than 10,000 themes for WordPress, most are problematic. The most common problems are: The theme has bugs that are difficult or impossible to overcome. The theme requires an annual license payment to keep it up to date. That’s almost like holding your website ransom. If you don’t pay the fee, your theme…